11 Hilarious Reactions People Gave To The New Apple iPhone X

Apple launched its highly applauded show stopper this Tuesday, September 12th, the iPhone X along with iPhone 8 and 8 plus (Though we still wonder why two phones at the same time?)

People all around the world went completely gaga over it. The phone has swept the tech world off its feet and the tech bloggers (like us) can’t stop writing about it (naturally!). The reactions that came to the new features added to iPhone 10 were creative yet hilarious. People literally stoned the new release with high caliber, mind rattling memes! (We should all give ourselves a pat on the back)

So, we thought to gather some of these reactions. By the end of this post you’d be leaving this place with a wide smile on your face if not laughing out loud. Read below for more;


1- This Guy Took The Airplane Mode Way Too Seriously!

2- This Is Down Right Lethal

No offense meant, ladies.

3- Do You Agree To The Payment Mode?

Well, we do agree (cringes)

4- Gossip Girl Fan Moment?

5- You Got To Be Safe Or Else..

Just kidding, you won’t be able to unlock your iPhone X.

6- When You Want An iPhone But Also On A Budget Patrol

We feel ya, bro!

7- All We Can Say Is , OUCH! 

8- We Couldn’t Agree More

This one is down right apt. Straight out of the heart.

9- The Future Is Really Here

Would you pay thousand bucks to become chicken and poop? Well you got to think about it again, may be?

10- Current Life Status

Dreams VS Reality?

11- Something Missing?


iPhone X has certainly put people into thinking mode with its amazing features and upgraded processing power, however, how the users would respond to the phone is a question that would keep lurking around until November 3rd. Let’s wait and watch.


Courtesy : Bored Panda, College Humor

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