10 Best Free Photo Editing & Sharing Apps For iPhone and iPad

I love Photography, that’s why I try almost all new and old apps on my iPhone. After such a long time finally, I’ve collected the 10 Best Free Photo Editing & Sharing Apps For iPhone and iPad, with help of these apps you can take photos, edit them and then share within the same app. Enjoy the best and Free Photo Editing and Sharing apps.


instagram best app editing


Instagram is one of the most popular apps with over 200 million users. The basic idea of the app is expressing life’s precious moments through photographs. Truly said, a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture explains things when words fail to express. Instagram is a platform where people from all over the world share their pictures and videos with their social circle. The app is user friendly. It is a platform that many photographers use, to share their skills with the world. People also get an opportunity to follow and get updates from their favorite celebrities and much more.




It is used for wide format photography called Panorama. A simple photograph will show you one side of the scene. By using the panorama technique, you can get wide view image of a scene and capture a range that normal photograph can;t capture. For example, here is the 360 degree view of a room using Panorama.



This is different from other photo sharing apps, as it not only enables you to upload the still photos but it also includes a short video of the moment before the picture was captured. So, if you want to share the story behind your photo this is the perfect app to have. You can even follow and followed by your friends. You have the option of sharing it with your friend’s circle or keeping it private for your eyes only.



A photography app, with different editing modes and everything you desire. This app comes with over 2 million editing combinations. Some interesting features include overlay effects like neon, sparkle, grunge, light leaks along with other effects to give your photos subtle, soft, creative, too old or any other look you wish to create. You can directly share the photos on Facebook, Twitter or save it on your device. Everyday, a photo is chosen to showcase on their blog and you can participate in it by using their hashtag on Instagram or Flicker and get appreciated for your creations. This app requires iOS 5.1 or later, and you can use it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.



iRetouch is a photo enhancement app which helps you customize your photos by adding effects and reducing their flaws. The special feature for this app is the ‘clone stamp; option just like Photoshop. Moreover, you have unlimited Undo and Redo option, Zoom Blur and partial Desaturation. 100% zoom in, option is available for editing smaller objects. You are also provided with 19 color blending modes. This app runs on iOS 4.0 or later and is available at app Store.

Picture Effect Magic


This is an extremely fun app for picture editing. This is an all in one app. Simple and easy to use, yet it comes with so many interesting features. So many pretty frames for your photos, full screen editing mode, 30 basic photo effects along with dramatic effects like pencil, rainbow, swirl, mirror, comic, oil painting, etc. You can add graffiti and draw doodles over your images as you desire. Partial editing of the picture is also available, which allows you to add effects to the selected part of the picture. This app supports Chinese language as well as English. It is available for iOS 5.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Retro Camera


Retro camera, is especially designed for the retro effect lovers. You can use all the classic effects for your photos that include vintage, cross process, vignette, lomo, holga, nostalgia and so much more. Retro camera comes with 5 different camera modes known as The Barbl, little orange box, Xalaroid 2000, the pinhole Camera and FudgeCan. It requires iOS 4.0.2 or above and is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad respectively.

Pic Collage


Save your precious moments in a picture collage with Pic Collage. This pretty looking app helps you make perfect fun collage in no time. Choose the photos from your Gallery, Facebook or Instagram. Add effect to individual photos to make them look prettier, select colorful backgrounds and layouts for the collage, add colorful stickers from the sticker market and assemble the photos together to get the final form, and be ready to share it with your friends through Facebook, etc.You can also make your own profile and create your collection of collages and get people to follow you.

Adobe Photshop Express


Photo editing has now been made so simple. It seems just unbelievable how this app has provided so many features of Adobe and creates images with perfect results. Adobe Photoshop Express, gives you some amazing features to have fun with your photos and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Along with the basic editing features like Crop, Straighten, rotate or Flip, you can adjust the image colors, brightness, contrast, temperature, shadows, and much more. Give your images more life with 20 different photo effects and borders and frames. There is so much more added to the editing features. You even have the option to get the paid packages to add more dramatic effects to your images;The Looks paid package for more life to the images, the Corrections Package for night photographs. Along with these you have the options of looks, Premium Looks and borders.



This app has redefined photo sharing experience in a way that is more fun to use. Instead of regular photo uploading, you can communicate through your photos. You can connect with your friends and see their updated images. Then you can even share your images instead of comments with photos which are related to theirs. So, now instead of liking or commenting on photos, you can actually play and communicate through them. This app requires iOS 7 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Magic Hour Lite


If you are a filter lover, then this is the app you might be looking for. It has introduced 40 different filter effects for image editing along with simple editing options like crop, blur, flip and color enhancements like brightness, contrast, etc. You will find interesting textures and frames to add to your photos. You can even share your photos with your friends on social networks like Facebook, twitter, etc. This app is also compatible with Instagram for sharing photos. Along with Instagram, you can also check-in at Foursquare with photos from Magic Hour Lite.

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